Liang Beach – Ambon

Liang Beach reside in Liang Village, Middle Sub-Province Moluccas. This beach occupy first ranking as beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Liang beach occupy highest sequence because owning a very beautiful underwater panorama. To you devotee of Diving you can enjoy the beauty of underwater in this sea, especially at location 50 metre of coastal edge. Because in the location represent correct location to dive, beside clear water also view under its charming sea.

Seen Beauty Panorama from mount Nona

Beautiful view and cold earn you enjoy from this place. Mount Nona located in Kudamati Area, 6 km of Ambon City. We will reach top of the mountain Nona easily because is available of good enough roadway able to pass by for all vehicle type. This mount have visited by crowded of people/ tourist to sit easy going at the same time enjoy its view.

Natsepa Beach – Ambon

Its beach enough respect, length and sloping and also having a white sand. This beach very suited for swimming and sailing. This beach very recognized in Ambon and multitude visited every holiday. This beach located in Sili Village, Slahutu District. About 19 km from Ambon City. Though have famous but this beach not yet been professionally managed in meaning not yet have been well handled.

Duurstede Fortress – Ambon

This fortress located in town of Saparua, more or less 50 mile from Ambon. This fortress located in coastal periphery white sand area with its clear water. If You reside in above this fortress can enjoy beautiful view and wide sea of Saparua Island of with boat of fisherman sailing afar.

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